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Body Ecology - Weak Liver Symptoms and How to Build a Healthy Liver

Deeper Healing

I can’t stress this enough.  When you follow this program you will be feeling AMAZING somewhere between the one month and three month mark.  Now your colon is functioning, your organs are no longer overwhelmed and your inner ecology is being restored.  Now you want to take it to the next level.  Don’t fall back to old habits, continue to achieve vibrant health!

The Liver:
Even though the liver is often impaired, you won’t feel pain because this hard working organ doesn’t ache.  Chinese medicine says the liver “cries” when in trouble.  An outward sign is one or several deep lines or a swollen puffiness between the eyes.  A person with a weak, congested liver barely tolerates the cold in winter and may suffer from chills.  If you have an overactive liver, you often feel feverish and find summer months uncomfortable. 

If you have been cleansing your colon, but still don’t have well formed and complete evacuation of your stools, it’s time to focus on the liver.  A weak liver pulls energy away from the gallbladder, pancreas and stomach – key organs for digestion.  The intestines are completely dependent upon the liver and the bile it produces.  Other signs of a weak, congested liver may include:
-          Anemia
-          Hemorrhoids
-          Dark, insufficient urine
-          Small red flecks the size of a pinhead that come and go in different places in the body
-          Skin problems like eczema, acne, hives, itching, rashes and “dirty skin” with dark pigmentation, spots on face, hands forehead or around nose
-          Jaundice (yellow skin or whites of eyes)
-          Eye problems
-          Mineral deficiencies
-          Hormone imbalances in men and women
-          Loss of weight, malnourishment
-          Obesity and malnourishment
-          Problems with sinuses, adenoids, and tonsils
-          Alternating constipation and diarrhea
-          Headaches, dizziness, shivering
-          Loss of appetite
-          Eating disorders
-          Diabetes
-          Hepatitis
-          Cirrhosis

How the Liver Gets Damaged

It stores the remains of drugs, vaccines, medicines, chemicals, hormones, preservatives from foods and everything we have taken throughout our entire life!  Hormones in birth control pills will leave a dark patch on the liver that will show up in x-rays.  Fats from dairy foods like milk, cheese and ice cream all must be processed by the liver.  Flour and poor quality vitamin and mineral substances all weaken the liver.  So does improper food combining.  Lack of sleep and fatigue weakens the liver.  This makes it more and more difficult to sleep. 

You know you have a congested liver if you are tired and sleepy after eating, but seem to have plenty of energy somewhere between 1am-3am.  You may also tend to worry and have negative thoughts.  Digestive problems may bother you at night, or you may urinate often during the night. 

How to Heal the Liver:  (This is good to follow after your three months on Body Ecology and you are feeling wonderful)

STOP OVERWORKING IT BY CHANGING THE WAY YOU EAT!  Continue colon cleansing, which takes  a burden off the liver.  Cleanse with herbs and probiotics.  Stimulate the liver, as with acupuncture.  EXERCISE is a must!!  Don’t overeat and lie down on a full stomach, big mistake.  Do something until the food is burned off.  Anger is also stored in the liver.  Do not hold in your anger.  Find a way to release it. 

Eating right for a Healthy Liver:

Rest your digestive tract by eating lightly.  Eat small, vegetarian, alkalizing meals which will keep the burden off of heavy digestion.  If you lose your appetite, drink plenty of lemon water and sip vegetable broths made with Kombu or Wakame base.  This is an excellent time to juice sodium rich green vegetables like celery. 

Cut back on fats from animal foods during this time, or eliminate completely.  Stay away from oils, ghee and butter which slow down liver function.  Eat lightly steamed and pureed foods.  Eat chlorophyll rich foods like leafy greens and as much raw food as you can tolerate.  Your last meal should be light, so you have an empty stomach when going to sleep.  Soup, vegetable broths or tea also work well.

Grated daikon radishes are beneficial because they take oil and fats from the body.  Leeks aid the bile in keeping the intestines clean.  Asparagus and celery are excellent liver cleansers.  Carrots build the blood and encourage bile secretion.  Lemon juice in water and/or apple cider vinegar is excellent as well.  Rosemary and thyme are great herbs for liver congestion, and you can make them into teas.  Liquid chlorophyll will aid liver cleansing. 

Make sure the colon is working and healthy before taking too many liver stimulating herbs.  This would include herbs like milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke and barberry.  AVOID CONSTIPATION!  This is critical.  If necessary, have colonics or home enemas.  The liver will literally dump its toxins into the colon.  Cultured foods and probiotics are critical for a healthy liver.  Young coconut kefir has been found to be especially beneficial.    

Dr. Vaughn

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